Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fruit Kebabs/Fruit on Skewers

I had brunch with some women at church on the weekend and thought I'd bring along some fruit. Wanting to deviate from the traditional presentation of fruit as a fruit salad or a fruit platter, I decided to make fruit kebabs. The arrangement of the fruit is simple enough but the presentation makes it look quite elegant. I'm glad that these fruit kebabs were a hit with the ladies :)

The following is more of an idea than a recipe, and can include anything you want to try. Choose a variety of different coloured fruit or whatever is in season at the time. Other fruits for suggestion that are good to use for fruit kebabs include: kiwifruit, oranges and red grapes.


Bamboo skewers
Melted chocolate, optional


  1. Chop up fruit into uniform pieces or of similar bite sized pieces and place into bowls.
  2. Thread fruit pieces onto skewers, alternating with different types of fruit.
  3. Serve chilled with melted chocolate for dipping or serve on its own.

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