Sunday, December 22, 2013

Piggy Cupcakes


1 dozen vanilla cupcakes, cooled
store bought white icing/frosting
pink food colouring
24 blue rainbow pearls (eyes)
12 white marshmallows (nose)
pink icing pen (nostrils)
12 pink marshmallows, halved (ears)

  1. Tint the icing with the tiniest amount of pink food colouring. Mix very, very well.
  2. Spread a layer on each cupcake, making the surface smooth.
  3. Place the eyes on the Piggy's using the rainbow pearls.
  4. Place one white marshmallow for the nose.
  5. Using the pink icing pen, make 2 dots on the nose marshmallow to make nostrils.
  6. Take one pink marshmallow and cut through the centre. Pinch each end so they are pointy. Place on cupcake, cut side down as ears on the Piggy's face.
Notes & Tips

Make sure you give the Piggy a generous coating of icing so the marshmallows stick

If you wanted to make these cupcakes look more like Miss Piggy from the Muppets, you could add a set of eyelashes using a black icing pen and adding a bow (made from fondant) in between the ears

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