Monday, December 27, 2010

Mango Sago Dessert

This is a nice and refreshing dessert to have on a hot summer's day!


2 mangoes
400ml mango juice
mango essence (optional)
125ml evaporated milk
100g sago pearls
250ml water
4-6 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp tapioca flour or cornflour
1 tbsp cold water
extra 50ml water

Preparation of sago pearls
  1. Soak sago pearls in cold water till they turn translucent (about an hour or two).
  2. Boil the pearls in 3 cups water until it turns totally transparent.
  3. Pour the cooked pearls into a sieve and wash it with cold tap water to remove the starch.
  1. In a small saucepan, boil 250ml water, add sugar and stir until sugar dissolves
  2. Mix tapioca flour with 1 tbsp water and pour into the syrup and stir over low heat until mixture is smooth.
  3. Take syrup and tapioca flour mixture off the heat and leave it to cool.
  4. Meanwhile, cut the sides of the mango and cube them.
  5. Scrape the remaining mango and put in a blender with 50ml water. Blend until pureed then put aside.
  6. Add blended mango, cubed mango, mango juice and evaporated milk into the syrup solution then stir.
  7. Add sago pearls and stir. If too thick, add a bit more mango juice.
  8. Chill before serving.

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